Is Higher Education Functional Or Dysfunctional?

Road sign to education and future

With the steady increase of fees and deterioration of the quality of graduates, many people ask the question “Is higher education functional?”. Some community members complain about unreasonably high prices charged by universities. In the meanwhile, graduate unemployment has become a worrying issue.

There have been growing concerns over the schooling system in U.S and Europe. Today, higher education is not enough to prepare young people for work. Two decades ago, the University diploma did really guaranteed that one can earn high income in his lifetime. Recently, only those who have obtained a master’s degree tend to earn more. The extra-university qualification is for those who already have a bachelor degree, or for people who have work experience.

According to a U.S nationwide survey, millions of young Americans have graduated from college but are not able to find work. Some enrolled in college but quit without completing a degree.

What is the reasons for the “disfunctional” higher education? In fact most of the students cannot afford the fees. They are obliged to pay off their higher education until their 40s. Teachers and experts claim that the system of financing higher education has to be changed in order to allow many more people to to get a University Diploma. The increasing demand for highly skilled employees leads to the importance of providing a high level of education. Still, the fact is that higher education has paid off well for a great part of the students. During their working life, employees with a university diploma earn more than non-graduates. Universities and colleges still provide students with academic degree with innovative knowledge and employable skills they need to succeed after graduation. Higher education graduates are more likely to find job than young people with lower educational degree.

So, coming back to the question “Is higher education functional or disfunctional ?” The education could be essential if provides capabilities that young people require to be innovative and economically productive.

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Tips For A Customized Nutritional Diet

Photo: Sergiu Bacioiu

Choosing a customized nutrition is not only a modern concept. The phrase “You are what you eat” has become famous since 18th century. Since then the idea that to be well-built and healthy you need to eat quality meals has gained popularity. Nowadays many people are convinced that health can be obtained only by eating correctly. This article can help you to improve your physical appearance and your health with easy to follow tips.

Opt for Fibers Instead of Bad Carbs

One of the first things you have to do is replacing refined white flour foods with whole grain products. Protein-rich cereal grains are a better option than highly processed foods. Whole grains satisfy hunger for long periods of time. Always check the ingredients on the label and try to avoid bad carbohydrates.

The adequate dietary fiber is important for managing a healthy weight by reducing appetite. Eating enough dietary carbohydrates reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Avoid packaged foods in your nutritious diet plan. This is essential since snacks contain tons of sugars and fats.

Increase your serotonin levels with foods like brown rice, lens, and oatmeal.

The Importance of Protein

It is important to eat different kinds of protein each week. Eggs are an excellent source of healthy nutrients. Four eggs per week are considered to be a healthy option. Opt for of skinless poultry, fish and lean meat. Try eating nuts, peas, or seeds. Combine protein foods with fresh vegetables.

Drink Plenty of Water

Changes in your beverage menu are a good start for a healthy nutrition. Try to substitute soft drinks with water (12 Unexpected Reasons to Drink More Water). Between meals drink plenty of water throughout the day. You can also opt for juices or milk but try not to constantly consume them.

Fruit smoothies are a perfect replacement of the classic breakfast. They are better option than fatty and sugary foods like cookies or ice cream. Mix fruits with milk, ice cubes and yogurt to prepare this delicious beverage.

Eat Moderately

Try to change your behavior by eating moderately. This can help you to stay fit and to have an optimal health. Overeating can cause excessive body weight. If you are hungry fill your stomach up with small portions of fruits and vegetables between meals.

Best Foods for Your Customized Nutrition Plan


This plant is very beneficial to add to a meals plan. Fresh beets have lots of phytonutrients, fiber and minerals. Try to eat them unsalted. Beets can be a perfect addition to your salad.


These vegetables are a good choice for a healthy menu. They fill you up while providing you with essential vitamins and minerals. Try to include many servings of cucumbers into your diet. They can be perfectly combined with other products such as yoghurt, cheese and nuts.


The courgettes are tasty summer vegetables that can be cooked with water. Using this technique can result in good eating habits. Try also a recipe with a small quantity of vegetable oil. This tasty vegetable is rich in fiber, making you not feeling hungry.

Vitamins and Minerals

These supplements are an added benefit for your health. Vitamins and minerals are useful but it is recommended to take no more than 1 pill per day. Vitamins C, B and zinc are good for your metabolism. They can also be found in green and orange vegetables, nuts and fruits. It is a good idea to make the avocado a regular part of your meals because this exotic plant is packed with many vitamins and vegetarian proteins.

Start your customized nutrition plan and optimize it for best results. Try to make the diet changes effective for a long time. Combining the new nutrition routine with exercise is a must. Try to set at least 10 minutes daily for physical activity. This practice will help you stay motivated. When you start applying these tips, you will find it easier to make smart nutritious choices.

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The Emotional and Health Benefits of Pets

Photo: Nicki Mannix

Taking care of a pet is considered to be a panacea for many health and emotional problems. Many people believe that domestic animals enable relaxation of both their body and mind.

Contrary to this belief almost one third of the pet parents claim that their pets make them feeling stressed. Why do this happen? Many people reveal that furry companions wake them up early. Half of the pet parents say they lose sleep because of their pets barking or scratching at the door. Pets can cause lots of stress if bite you while you are slipping.

In fact, the majority of pet guardians think that domestic animals improve the quality of life of elderly or ill people. The obese individuals also benefit from owning an energetic pet that have to be walked outdoors.

According to health research experts, animal companions fulfill a significant role in people`s lives. Of course, they are not a substitute for social interaction, but pets do provide important interaction for those who might feel isolated. There are types of animals that can make you happy, relaxed and loved. Their presence can help you get through hard times in your life.

Walking a Pet Can Make your Day

There are many benefits for you of walking your dog or even your exotic pet. If you are a pet parent, you have to take your companion outdoors at least once per day for half an hour. This can help you meet new people, make new friends, and even control your weight. The walk in the park with your dog is a reason for a good night’s sleep.

A lot of people are choosing to have a four-legged friend or an exotic companion for emotional reasons. They report their pets help get them through difficult moments of loneliness. According to psychological surveys of pet owners, people who chose to take care of a pet report feeling less lonely and depressed. The results of these investigations of opinions highlight how people at any age can benefit from having beloved pet companions.

Photo: Stuart Richards

This is even more important for people studying or working in stressful environment. Owning a pet is highly recommended for individuals who feel isolated.
Many surveys studied the differences between elderly and young people. It is proven that the pet affects the overall health of all surveyed participants. Check out these tips for ensuring the choice that is best for you.

Top Reasons for Owning a Pet

Most people choose to own a domestic animal for similar reasons ( On the first place a properly chosen pet contributes to one`s overall health in many positive ways.

Pet Keeps you Active

A dog, cat or even ferret and chinchilla are useful in keeping you active once or twice daily. This is more common for those who take care of a dog, but those who had cat or exotic pet also claim that their companion helps them be physically active. Elderly who have heart problems or special needs benefit from pet companionship.

It is a well-known fact that two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese. Taking your pet for a walk helps burn calories, and relieves stress. This fun activity promotes weight control. An overweight individual is an unhealthy person. Regular exercise will keep both you and your pet to look fit and agile. Daily walks also support your digestive health. Moreover the quality time with your pet strengthens your bond and promotes a trustful relationship.

Photo: Selbe 3

Your Four Legged Friend Encourages Your Socialization

Strolling around the parks can help your build confidence. You have excellent opportunities to meet other pet parents.

Pet Helps You Cope During Hard Times

Avoiding isolation is a top reason to choose a pet. This decision to adopt an animal is far more likely among individuals who live alone rather than those living in a family environment. A meowing kitten or a cheerful ferret can improve the ability to cope with difficult times. For example, when you have to move on to another city, far from your friends and family you may need someone to rely on before you build a new network of companions. If you adopt a low-maintenance pet such as chinchilla or ferret you will find it easier to deal with the new environment.

Animal companions fulfill a significant role in people`s lives. Of course, they are not a replacement for human interaction, but pet do provides important emotional support for those who might feel isolated.

How to choose a pet companion

Before you decide on buying a puppy or other cute animal, do your own research on which type of pet is best for you. Try to avoid the pets featuring annoying behavior. For example, puppies have a few issues such as destructive chewing, jumping on you and your friends, peeing on the carpet, and incessant barking. These problems can be solved by using easy training methods. In fact, you can deal with most of the problems at the early stage of your relationship.

The main problem cited by cat pet owners is scratching around. What can you do to stop this destructive behavior is giving them something constructive to do, for example a playing toy.
Many exotic pets have been chosen recently as pets – for example guinea pig, ferret and chinchilla. Compared to dogs and cats they are less demanding. You can make your life happier and less stressed if deciding on taking care of a furry creature that completely rely on your for their living, These tiny creatures will come to you with curiosity and will help you forget your problem at least for a while.

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Stress Preventative Skills That You Can Use

Daily stress
Photo: Hernan Pinera

Stress can have both positive and negative effect on a person. Sometimes one needs to feel a certain amount of tension to remain concentrated, but too much pressure will have negative results on your well-being. The way you handle stress, will determine how it affects you. Check out the tips below to learn some effective stress management skills.

Sports Activities with Friends

Outdoor activities with your family or friends can be very beneficial. A good idea is to invite your siblings for a jog around town. This exercise will allow you to get rid of toxins. It also helps reduce stress and calm your mind.

Other option is to joining a fitness or aerobics class to physically reduce your tension. Besides making you well-built, healthier, and more attractive, working out can make you calm.

Any physical activity to work out stress is suitable, so try enrolling in a yoga class. Not only will the practice give you more strength, it will allow you time to clear your mind, and make you more tranquil.

Aromatherapy and Meditation

The aromatherapy was used for centuries to reduce stress. There are certain scents that have been proven to calm the mind and body. Among them are incense, lavender, sandalwood, and peppermint. Using a few drops of essential oil in your body cream can be very beneficial. Many people use a pleasant aroma to calm down in difficult times.

Other tonics for stress relief are the homeopathy remedies. These special methods for decreasing your stress are considered to be very helpful. Natural remedies have helped many individuals improve their emotional health.

Meditation serves as an escape from the problems in our lives. Try some easy techniques to deal with the serious stress! You need a quiet corner in your house to easily create your own place for relaxation. Take a break to forget about your worries. Let your imagination go off on its own and visualize a calm place. It is a great way for providing the brain with an alternative to these thoughts that are causing stress.

Chill out music can sooth the stress. This technique has long been known to aid in relaxation. Opt for instrumental sounds that are the right stress reliever for you. Music promotes deep breathing, which encourages the brain to increase the serotonin level.

During the meditation you can do a quick scan of your physical structure to check for tense zones. When you identify them focus on relaxing them. This can help to lessen the stress you feel and will help you chill out.

After that you can try to identify the things in your life that are truly important. You will probably realize that most of the issues you were stressing about are not that important. Once you get rid of those insignificant stressors, you will feel much happier.

Pet Parenting

Photo: ace_alejandre
Photo: ace_alejandre

You should take some time every day to do something you enjoy. A little quality time with your pet is something that will make it easier to deal with the stress. Commit time every day to walk your pet – that can be something you truly enjoy. Spend at least half an hour petting your animal companion to get rid of worries. It is scientifically proven that being close to a furry pet helps people in a positive way. You can benefit from the interaction with the animals.

A typical advice is to keep a record of your stress and stress relief techniques that have a positive effect. If you document your emotions in a journal it may become easier to identify the main reasons for your worries.

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Top Tips for Healthy Living

Healthy Start by Matt Gibson
Photo: Matt Gibson

Busy, stressful lives have become the norm for millions, and health is generally the first casualty. Issues like weight gain, lack of stamina and stress may start out as niggling complaints but they can snowball into major health problems. The good news is regaining control is quite achievable. Small tweaks in our lives go a long way in restoring health. Here are some tips.


Food sustains us. But somewhere along the way the line between sustenance and indulgence blurred. We also began to choose convenience over quality. Switching to a healthy diet isn’t easy, but it is one of the most important steps on the road to better health.

Green and Lean

A daily, generous intake of fruits and vegetables is the best gift for one’s body. Low in fat, high in fiber and packed with beneficial minerals, they are proven to help lower risk of heart disease and stroke, prevent some types of cancer and help control blood sugar. “Eat a variety of types and colors of produce in order to give your body the mix of nutrients it needs,” advises the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Although fish, poultry and meat are good sources of protein, beans and nuts should be an integral part of daily diet, especially for vegetarians and vegans because they are also rich in protein. Favor whole grain flours over highly processed ones.

Cook for Control

Cooking one’s own meals from scratch is the best way to maximize control over food. Conquer your fear of the kitchen with small steps, starting with easy recipes for healthy smoothies, salads, sandwiches, soups and stews.

Avoid Fad Diets

Doctors agree it is better to tweak food habits in manageable ways and sustain better eating through life than adopt yo-yo diets.

“There’s no lack of fad diets promising fast results. But such diets limit your nutritional intake, can be unhealthy, and tend to fail in the long run”,

cautions the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. federal public health agency.


Physical activity is essential for good health. Regular exercise helps to maintain a healthy weight, reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, prevent type-2 diabetes, lower high blood pressure, manage arthritis and osteoporosis as well as combat stress and depression.

Make it a Habit

Thirty minutes to an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise five days a week is what health professionals recommend. If just starting out, try something gentle like walking or water aerobics. When stamina and strength increase, a more challenging fitness routine – jogging, biking, and sports – can be added to the mix. The key is finding something one enjoys because that is the only way to ensure one will keep doing it.


Yoga photo Matt Olsen
Photo: Matt Olsen

Don’t think of it as just exercise. Regular Yoga practice reduces mental stress and chronic pain, increases flexibility and range of motion, improves balance and respiratory function.

“Yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind, helping you relax and manage stress and anxiety,” says the Mayo Clinic.


Sleep is generally the first victim of busy lives. Spending time on smart phones and tablets before bed, further compromises the quality of sleep. New research has found that back-lit electronic devices interfere with sleep patterns. According to sleep expert Dr. Michael Twery of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH): “Sleep affects almost every tissue in our bodies. It affects growth and stress hormones, our immune system, appetite, breathing, blood pressure and cardiovascular health.” So get a good night’s rest.

Better health requires lifestyle changes, but you don’t have to do it all at once. Small steps over time can add up to vastly improved health.

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Health and Beauty Tools

She's in Fashion by Lauren Hammond
Photo: Lauren Hammond

There are many beauty weapons to enhance the beauty of your face. Several health and beauty tools will serve to meet different concerns. The most common area that many are sensitive about is their facial appearance. A good first impression is related to your smile. So, many will be sensitive over their oral care as well as their hair. This applies to both men and women and thus the  attention given to it.

Oral care devices

Your beautiful smile depends on your oral care routine. That is why many people want to know more about dental as well as the overall mouth hygiene. There are day-to-day activities that will ensure that your oral hygiene is addressed. From brushing your teeth to flossing, you need the right tools to promote efficiency. The obvious oral care regimen that everyone must be considering includes brushing and flossing. However, you need the right tools to ensure you are doing it right. Other than cleaning your teeth with a brush and toothpaste, you may include other home oral care tools to ensure good oral hygiene. With the advancement in technology, you do not have to floss with string anymore. You can use an electric water flosser.

This product works better after flossing as it removes plaque and food particles between teeth. It is also designed to clean around your gum line. The key objective is to promote better gingival health.

The oral irrigator is a tool you can use to floss without exposing your gums to any risks. It is designed to prevent gum or tissue damage as you will only be using water.

This tool relies on water pressure to ensure that you observe oral hygiene. The device is safe, efficient, and effective. Make it a daily routine and your visit to the dentist will be minimal.

Hair styling tools

Your hair contributes a great deal towards your general appearance. It is a good idea that your locks are well styled all the time. Combing it is just not enough. The hairstyling tools will help you to take care of your hair at home.

A hair dryer will not only assist in drying your hair after a shower or after it gets wet but will also straighten entangled hair. It is easy to use and fast to ensure that your hair remains tangle-free. In this, you can simply wash your hair ensuring that it remains clean and healthy.

Curls are a great way to add a volume to your hair depending on your face type and preferences. A curling iron comes in handy for individuals who love curls on their hair. You can easily use it at home without a hassle.

A flat iron ensures that your hair remains straight and attractive when you are out and about. In addition, it will help you style your hair as desired fast and easy.

These health and beauty tools are a must have for all homes. They ease the process of caring for your beauty while at the same time boost your health. You can use the above on a daily basis.

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Accessory and Make Up Trends

Brighton Fringe 2013 The Champagne Anarchists fashion show
Photo: heather buckley

While fashion constantly changes, it is easy to see where trends come from and how they came about. If you follow up the latest style trends, you will be aware of what to buy. This way it makes the transition from one trend to another easier. Two details that people can overlook in the fashion world are accessories and makeup. Both can pull a look together or make it fall apart, so knowing the latest trends in these fields is vital to make a complete outfit perfect.

Makeup looks

When it comes to putting makeup on your face, less is better nowadays. Make one part of your face your accent, and let the rest look natural. If you’re wearing a bright, bold outfit, combine basic contouring and a nude or natural lip color with a cat eye liner or a light smokey eye. This way your face is not distracting from your exquisite outfit.

If you are in a dark ensemble, stick with a deep red or plum lipstick color with a natural eye. You can apply an eye liner and some mascara. If you are in a basic outfit, such as a white shirt and nice jeans, you can do a natural smokey eye shadow, with a bright bold lip color. Take into account that the days of intense eye makeup with a vibrant lip color are gone, at least until they come back into trend.

Another aspect of makeup that is in trend is contouring and contrasting versus a lot of blush. Using the right bronzer and brightener can bring out the best aspects of your face, while also making your face appear thinner and more angular, if you so choose.

Fashion accessories

Now for accessories, there are a lot of fun tendencies coming up. The festival trend is coming back, meaning floral pieces, feathers and lots of layering. For the ears, jackets are the new piece to wear. Or try a jewel that wraps around the ear, known as ear sweeps.

Aztec Warrior Princess Feather Earrings
Photo: Wicker Paradise

Statement jewels are still popular, but as opposed to one singular piece, it is better to try layering a bunch of smaller chunks to create one versatile statement piece. Necklaces are easy to do. Combine chains with similar geometric shapes and alternating colors but featuring different lengths to create something that blends together to form one piece.

Statement earrings are also coming back. The fashion gurus recommend that the bold drop earrings be the sole piece from the chest up. Wear with your hair up, so they are noticeable, rather than hidden in your hair. Midi ring is an accessory worth trying, as it makes stacking rings easier. If you are a fan of fabric neck-wrap accessories, printed scarves are the way to go this season. Patterns and prints can go well with solid color ensembles.

Now comes the fun part. Testing all these trends out to see how they mesh with your personal style. Sometimes it can be scary to try new things, and you will automatically reject the idea of changing things up. Start by looking at other people who rock this style and see how you can incorporate these trends into your daily wear. Slowly, bit by bit, you will be amazed to see how your personal style will evolve to match the ongoing trends.

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